Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday is Library Day!

My four year old daughter Safaya loves going to the Library for Story time and Craft every Tuesday! So now Tuesday has a new name in our house, yep you guessed it its Library Day!

Story Time.

I love seeing what books she chooses each week. We have had ALL of the Dinosaur books out, most of the "Sea Creature" ones and allot of others too. Today she chose  Elmer's Special Day, about an Elephant, Iris and Isaac, about Polar Bears and Savannah Dreams which is an Australian Indigenous book.

Craft Time is always fun, here she made an Elephant with a swinging trunk. She loooooooves craft.

We are really lucky to have free events at the Library, it is our special must do day for Safaya until she starts school next year. (what a step that will be, she cant wait )
Thanks for coming on a small journey with us on our Must Do day of the week.

Is there something that you have to do each week that has become a routine for you or your family?

Sarah xo

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