Friday, 7 October 2011

Little Reds Basket

I LOVE making things and I have too many ideas in my head of things i want to create. Not only machine sewing,but hand sewing, knitting, crochet, I just never get the time to do it all. So i tend to do a bit of all of them and not stick to just one thing. You can probably see that from our Facebook  page. So i have decided to do a post that i will do maybe once a week or every two weeks called Little Reds Basket. It is going to be about what i am Knitting or crocheting at the time. So lets go......

I have decided to make my little man a crochet blanket. It is something that i have wanted to do for him since i was pregnant but never had time to do. I have finally decided on a pattern, i didn't want it to be too girly. I only have two of the colours i will be using so i have to get to the shop so i can get some more. I have it pictured in my head so i decided to start it without all of my yarn. Dangerous i know!

The First Three Granny Squares

I really love these two colours together.

Fourth Granny square halfway done.
I have four more granny squares to do in this colour combo.
 I will post some more pics as i go. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

And thats what is in Little Reds Basket at the moment.

See you Soon

Sarah xo