Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cute little pillow!

This week I have been feeling a lot like this...

I lost a good friend, who was too young and too beautiful to say goodbye to.  It takes time for your heart to heal from such a big loss, and tears flow daily as memories come flooding back.  Nathan Wills was 20 years of age, and passed away suddenly in a car accident. My partner and I had adopted him as our little brother, when he lived with us last year, while he was in Australia on a working holiday from Wales.  

He was a big ray of sunshine in our life.  Funny, loveable, and completely naive!  We took him under our wing.  My partner spent a lot of 'blokey' time with him, teaching him things a man needs to know.  And I just loved him and looked out for him like any good big sister does! Loved him lots!

Amongst all this I have had a terrible flu, which lead to a cough that put my neck out!  This week has literally been a pain in the neck, and I am glad to bid it adieu!

Tomorrow I head off to see my family and get a smile on my dial, courtesy of a little bit of this...

How could this face NOT make you smile :)  Some hugs and kisses from my niece and nephew, and some quality time with the rest of my family, are the perfect prescription for a happier me!  

I did do a little bit of sewing this week.  I made a cute little cushion!  A pin cushion that is!  I REALLY needed one, and the ones in the shops were pretty daggy (although I do love those little china man pin cushions), so I decided to make one myself.  I got the pattern for this one from Heather Bailey.  It is super cute, and super bright.  

What do you think?

Well it is time for me to pack a bag and iron the uniform.  Oh the glamorous life of a flight attendant....*sigh*!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Just remember, life is precious, live every moment of it in a way that makes you happy.

Renee xox


  1. Love your pin cushion Renee! Safaya's smile should definitely warm you up a little! :-) xo

  2. gorgeous pin cushion - I love Heather Bailey! Thinking of you lots XO

  3. Thanks guys! It's a cute cushion isn't it! Thanks for the love, feeling better now xx