Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to add my own personal warm welcome, to those who are following our blog.  You will often hear from Sarah on here, because she does an amazing job of fitting a million things into her day, but I promise you I won't be too far behind her!  Today I just wanted to explain a little bit more about why Sarah and I started Little Red Hood and fill you in on the things we would like to share with you on this blog : )

Sarah and I, are both pretty passionate people.  We have both worked hard in our lives to achieve dreams and reach goals.  But sometimes in your life, for some reason or other, your dreams change.  Or maybe you change.  Either/or, it doesn't really matter, but for Sarah and I, we kinda came to the realisation that something was lacking from our lives around the same time.  This was quite a blessing!

When you are used to living a life that feels fulfilled, and you have had a career that makes you feel tremendous happiness, it is very hard to settle for anything less.  Sarah and I decided we wanted to start a business together.  We wanted it to be about creating a brand that would make us feel as happy producing beautiful items, as it would be for those who receive them.  We are both very family orientated and love children, so it just so happens that this is the direction that Little Red Hood has begun.  Beautiful things for beautiful little people.

We promise you that every piece in the Little Red Hood collection is made with love.  We care about quality and comfort, just as much as we care about style.  Every item will be sent out with pride, and if that isn't felt, it just won't be made available until everything is just right.

The Little Red Hood blog, will be about more than just our collections.  We want it to be a place where we can share with people the things we love. We might want to share the places you MUST see, food you GOTTA try, books you HAVE read, or music that makes us come ALIVE!  Whatever it may be, we want Little Red Hood to be a place where people can share ideas, give us feedback, and another outlet for our creativity.  So please make sure you follow our blog, and feel free to share with us anytime!

Hope you have had a great weekend!
Renee xox


  1. you girls are amazing! Love your work & look forward to sharing in this blogging journey. Hopefully we can all catch up for a drink one of these days XO

  2. i enjoyed reading this post. thank you. it makes me want to smile a whole lot!!

  3. hullo, i saw u over at Faith. Good luck with everything ;-) I also just saw you are fellow australians!

  4. Thanks guys, you are really sweet! Yes Sonishka, we are fellow Aussies : ) even though Sarah has lived overseas for many years ( I am sure she will blog about some of that one day...she has had an amazing life for someone so young!), we are both very proud to be Australian. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, it made us smile to see you here! And Sarah from Faith Hope and a whole lotta are a beautiful person and an inspiration, and Sarah an I would BOTH love to see you soon xx Renee