Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to add my own personal warm welcome, to those who are following our blog.  You will often hear from Sarah on here, because she does an amazing job of fitting a million things into her day, but I promise you I won't be too far behind her!  Today I just wanted to explain a little bit more about why Sarah and I started Little Red Hood and fill you in on the things we would like to share with you on this blog : )

Sarah and I, are both pretty passionate people.  We have both worked hard in our lives to achieve dreams and reach goals.  But sometimes in your life, for some reason or other, your dreams change.  Or maybe you change.  Either/or, it doesn't really matter, but for Sarah and I, we kinda came to the realisation that something was lacking from our lives around the same time.  This was quite a blessing!

When you are used to living a life that feels fulfilled, and you have had a career that makes you feel tremendous happiness, it is very hard to settle for anything less.  Sarah and I decided we wanted to start a business together.  We wanted it to be about creating a brand that would make us feel as happy producing beautiful items, as it would be for those who receive them.  We are both very family orientated and love children, so it just so happens that this is the direction that Little Red Hood has begun.  Beautiful things for beautiful little people.

We promise you that every piece in the Little Red Hood collection is made with love.  We care about quality and comfort, just as much as we care about style.  Every item will be sent out with pride, and if that isn't felt, it just won't be made available until everything is just right.

The Little Red Hood blog, will be about more than just our collections.  We want it to be a place where we can share with people the things we love. We might want to share the places you MUST see, food you GOTTA try, books you HAVE read, or music that makes us come ALIVE!  Whatever it may be, we want Little Red Hood to be a place where people can share ideas, give us feedback, and another outlet for our creativity.  So please make sure you follow our blog, and feel free to share with us anytime!

Hope you have had a great weekend!
Renee xox

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Fabric Hunting we did go......

Well a Fabric Hunting we did go!!!!! We found some beautiful pieces for our Spring/Summer Collection. There was so much to choose from this time, sometimes you cant find anything you fall in love with but we were lucky! Have a peek....

We love them!
So to the design board to get started, very excited.

Dont forget we also have 2 100% cotton Childrens panels available to buy over at


Have a Happy Thursday!!!!
Sarah xo

Monday, 25 July 2011

Its Monday!!!

Wow time flies doesn't it. Weekends especially! Monday again, i always like to sit down with my morning coffee and decide what i want to concentrate mostly on for the week. This week is our new Spring/Summer Range of Children's clothes. We found some gorgeous fabric last week that we bought to make one thing but when we got it home it inspired us for the new collection.

Apricot, Pinks and Greys.

Pinks and a Mushroomy Grey.

We think they will be great for a Spring/Summer collection, you will have to wait and see what we do with them though,  i will keep you updated! 
Renee will be here tomorrow for work so we are planning to go hunting for more fabric to go with these two sets, maybe a solid or a denim. Finding fabric is allot of fun don't you think.

Have a Happy Monday and a Great Week!!!
Sarah xo

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sewing Room Inspiration!

I am totally inspired by some of the sewing room photo's i have come across. I have to share them even though i know that everyone who sews has probably seen them as we are always looking for the perfect space to create. Fingers crossed that our little business kicks off so that i have an excuse to have a room like any of these sooner rather than later.
Would love to organize my fabric in a cupboard like that one!

Loving Red at the moment!

Simple yet organized!

Love everything about this!

How cute is this if you have limited space.

Well that's probably enough for now! I found all of these on google. I'm sure they will inspire you as well.
Time to organize my space.
Have a great weekend everyone
Sarah xo

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Welcome to Little Red Hood Handmade Boutique. Join us in our Journey with everything handmade. Let me tell you a little about us.

We are 2 sisters who have grown up surrounded by all different kinds of craft. From sewing clothes and dance costumes to knitting and cross stitch, there was always something crafty going on at home! We are very good friends, not only sisters, and loved the idea of designing and creating children's clothes, toys and accessories as well as something for mum, together. Sarah has 2 children and is currently a stay at home mum (WAHM) and all of her inspiration has come from her children. Renee is a great Auntie who has always loved children and she is currently working as a Flight Attendant which is something she has always wanted to do. So in our spare time we have created Little Red Hood as a place where we can be creative and inspired to make beautiful products that put smiles on children and parents faces. There is alot we can talk about but we might save some of that for later seeing this is a blog after all!  So Welcome to Little Red Hood and we look forward to sharing our Journey through the forest with you. (Don't think we will ever make it to Grandma's, too many ideas to create!)
Sarah and Renee. xo

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